The city of Kanazawa seamlessly blends traditional feudal-era townscapes, stunning modern architecture, and natural beauty. It is in this city that two paths cross, as expressed by these dancers.
Travel serves as a chance to create new bonds, as well as a chance to strengthen ties with those we love. We hope that you, too, will enjoy the beautiful scenery, and share your own discoveries.

Creative Director / Planner / Art Directior: Yuichiro Fujishiro
Director / Cinematographer: Kazuhiro Morisaki
Production Manager: Atsushi Yoneda
Assistant Production Manager: Rui Fushimi
Videographer: Kazuo Tsujimoto, Kazuhiro Morisaki
Drone: Kazuo Tsujimoto
Stylist / Hair&Makeup: Kazumi Terada
Editor: Kazuhiro Morisaki, Yuichiro Fujishiro
Grading: Yuichiro Fujishiro
Music / Sound Design: Shinya Kiyokawa
Casting: Tomokazu Yamauchi
Casts: Miki Weatherford, Nozomi de Lencquesaing
Producer: Takashi Ueno
Production Company: DRAWING AND MANUAL

Kanazawa City Tourism Association, City of Kanazawa